Winter creeps in to the tribal village of Murguma in the district of Purulia with misty mornings, sunny days, crisp winter wind and dark starry nights. Ts a perfect getaway for a day or two to an delicious encounter with bewitching natural beauty, vegetation, great weather, dancing rivulets, pristine landscape and age-old tribal villages.

The man-made lake adjacent to the dam on the Saharjor River is surrounded by hillocks and moderately dense forest. Birds like cormorants inhabit the small island at the middle of the lake. The swiftly flowing Girigiri rivulet through the rocky terrain bordered with moderately dense forest is a reclusive place to spend some quite moments.


Murguma is 43km from Purulia Station. To visit this place the best option is to take up a package tour of Aranyak Eco-Camping Retreat. They provide both ways conveyance from Purulia Station to Murguma.


Winter is the best seasons for Murguma.


Staying inside the tents of Aranyak Eco-Camping Retreat can be a unique experience.

Contact Information
The Aranyak Eco-camping Retreat
18/25, Ballygunge Place east
Kolkata- 700019
Tel: 9830610605/ 9830644510/ 9830885455


The Aranyak Eco-camping Retreat package tour includes jungle trek, visit to nearby village, and sky-watching, cultural program of tribes.

Interested guests can also visit some more places in the vicinity like Deulghata Temple, Pakhi Hill. They can travel into the neighboring state of Jharkhand to visit Hudru and Jona falls, Rajrappa Temple, AyodhaPahar, Koyrabera dam and Charida village famous for making masks for chhau dancers.

TRAVEL TIPS The retreat camp doesn’t have direct electric supply. They use solar energy to light up the site.

They ensure adequate protection against mosquitoes.