Bishnupur can be lablled as “pride of Bngal’ for its exquisite terracotta artwork, the school classical music and intricately embellished Baluchari sarees. Another attraction lies in the numerous temples spread across Bishnupur. At least twenty of them are worth visiting. It is better to spare some time to observe the terracotta panels on the temple walls.

These historical shrines were constructed during the rein of Malla dynasty from 16th to 18th century. Most of them are single-towered temples. Some of them are made of bricks and some are of stones. A whole is sufficient to cover all the temples.


Bishnupur is best approached from Kolkata. Buses head towards Bishnupur from the bus terminus at Esplanade. Besides, Rupashi Bangla Express or Purulia express leave from Howrah station to Bishnupur. Aranyak Express leaves from Shalimar station.


Bishnupur is a good winter weekend destination.


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Ras-Manch, Shyamrai and Jor-Bangla or Kestaray temple are the three unique pieces of architectural marvel. They are now under the aegis of the Archeological survey of India. The triplet can be visited using a single ticket purchased at the entry point. On weekends and other holidays the temple premises are attractively illuminated in the evening.

Out of 12 distinguishing single-towered temples 10 is made of laterite stone. Other such temples lie on the southeast part of the town, near Lalbandh: Radhagovinda, Nandalal, Radhamadhav and Kalachand Temples. On the east side of Sayambandh is Patpur Temple, and adjacent to Kestaroy temples lays Radhasayam and Lalji temple.

Madanmohan temple is a brick-made single-towered temple.

The Dalmadal Cannon is another attraction. It is a 12 and half feet long and 11 and half inch diameter has been preserved for tourists.

The Bangio Sahitya Parishad can be an interesting spot for those interested in archeology. They have a rich collection of artifacts, intricately designed handicrafts and Baluchari saree.