Kamarpukur is well-known as the sacred birthplace of saint-philosopher Sri Sri Ramakrishna. Not only did he spend his childhood here but also began his spiritual journey from the solitude of this village. Ramakrishna was born under a shed beside a husking pedal. That shed has been preserved carefully and on 1951 a marble statue of Ramakrishna, designed by famous painter and sculptor Nandalal Basu, was installed inside the shed. The house where Thakur used to live and the mango tree that Thakur had planted are preserved by the Kamarpukur Math. Its drawing room has been re-decorated like a bedroom and is open for visitors. Adjacent to this room stands the temple of tutelary deity Raghubir. Other sights in the neighborhood are School of Lahababu, Temple of Gopeswer Siva, house of Satinath Pine, the stage on which Thakur used to perform, Haldarpukur and so on.

The Ramakrishna Temple is open from 6:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. and again from 3:30 p.m. to 8:20 p.m.


Kamarpukur is 104 km from Kolkata. To get there it is better to take a train for Tarakeswer from Howrah and from there a bus will get you to Kamarpukur via Arambag. From Vishnupur just crossing the Amodar River will get you to Kamarpukur.


Kamarpukur Lodge
Tel: (03211) 244699
Rent: Double-bedroom non-AC costs Rs. 300/-; double-bedroom AC costs Rs. 800/-.

Gadadhar Lodge
Tel: (03211) 244041
Rent: Single bedroom non-AC costs Rs. 100–125/-; double-bedroom non-AC costs Rs. 150/-

Relax Lodge
Tel: (03211) 244699
Rent: double-bedroom non-AC costs Rs. 300/-; double-bedroom AC costs Rs. 800–1,000/-.

Guest House of Kamarpukur Math
Principal Mahajaja
Tel: (03211) 244222