Located on the bank of River Kanshabati the unadulterated terrain of Mukutmanipur is the best place to unwind and feel rejuvenated. The dam of the river is 11km long. Sitting on the edge of the reservoir or floating on the lake in a boat can be very relaxing. The meeting point of rivers Kanshabati and Kumari is 6 km away from the place along the Damtop Road. On the hillock top the Hindu and Jain temples are worth visiting.


Train service is available from Howrah station till Bankura station. The improtant trains in this route are Purulia express and Rupashi Bangla Express. From Bankura one can take a bus till Mukutmanipur. Alternatively, direct bus service is available from Kolkata. State Transport-run buses travel the distance of 339 km to Mukutmanipur in seven hours.


Peerless Resort
Kaizar Lesser and Holidays
Tel: 22909974/9269, 22130184/85, 9831531650
Rent: 16 AC double-bedrooms cost Rs. 1,680/- each; two AC three-bed-room cost Rs. 1,800/- each; two AC four-bed-room cost Rs. 2,000/- each.
The breakfast for two is free for every booking.

Sonajhuri Bon Bungalow
West Bengal Forest Development Corporation
6-A, Raja Subidh Mullik Square
Arya Mansion, 7th Floor
Kolkata– 700013
Tel: 22370060/61
Rent: Double-bedroom AC costs Rs. 1,000/-; double-bedroom non-AC costs Rs. 600–900/-; single bedroom non-AC costs Rs. 250/- ; four-bed-room costs Rs. 500–600/-; dormitory with six beds costs Rs. 900/- per bed.

Private accommodations are available in Hotel Amrapali and Hotel Aparajita.