The mighty Barakar River had to surrender before human supremacy when Damodar Valley Corporation (DVC) constructed two dams to prevent it from washing away thousands of lives and hundreds of villages every year. The Mythan Dam is now located on the border of West Bengal and the newly created state Jharkhand, and Panchet is in the Dhanbad district of Jharkhand. The biggest reservoir of DVC, covering an area of 65 square km, lies nearby the Mythan Dam. The river now seems to be at peace with his present occupation of generating 60 megawatts of hydral power every year. Mythan and Panchet, since inception, have been favourite tourist destinations. The sunset looks wonderful from Mythan.


Buses and taxis regularly run from Dhanbad, Asansol, Barakar to Mythan. The distances are as follows:
Barakar–Mythan: 8 km
Dhanbad–Mythan: 48 km.

On the other hand, Panchet is just 10 km from Kumardhubi rail station. Buses run regularly from Dhanbad, Barakar, Asansol and Mythan to Panchet.



Government Accommodation

Mazumdar Nivas of DVC
Contact: CPRO, DVC Towers
CIT Housing Complex,
VIP road
Tel: (033) 23332115
Rent: Rs. 150/- per day

Tourist Lodge of west Bengal Tourism
Tel: 953412523894
Contact: West Bengal Tourism
3/2 BBD Bagh (East)
Tel: (033) 22485168
Rent: Double-bedroom costs Rs. 300–450/- per day.

Private Accommodation

Hotel Shantinivas
Tel: 26530833
Rent: Double-bedroom AC costs Rs 1,000–2,000/-; non-AC double-bedroom costs Rs 450–550/-; dormitory costs Rs. 150/- per bed.


Government Accommodation

Bungalows of DVC and West Bengal Forest Development Corporation are available for tourists.
Contact in Kolkata.
Tel: (033) 22370060